Finito 400ml Aerosol | Fast Detailing Polish | Removes Finger Marks

Finito 400ml Aerosol | Fast Detailing Polish | Removes Finger Marks

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Finito is a high quality multi-surface wax polish which deposits a rich wax layer on treated surfaces giving protection as well as a high gloss smear-free finish. It can be used to good effect on wood laminates vehicle door shuts and gives a soft lustre to dashboards.

Pleasantly perfumed and easy to use Finito is a firm favourite within the caravan industry.

Tip : Avoid waste. Always shake the can well before use. This ensures that the propellant is evenly mixed with the active ingredients inside the can and avoids the aerosol expiring before all the product has been used. This applies to all aerosols.

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Rob Symmons

Great product give a fantastic shine and easy to apply have been using for years in our showroom, always bought 6 at a time but when we got to the last one to our horror the aroma had changed to a lemon smell in stead of what I would call showroom polish smell. But I will add that it still does the same job, if they return to the original aroma I will carry on buying, can't have a showroom smelling of lemons. Response from Gil Fleming, Autoday's Managing Director: Rob, firstly let me thank you for taking the time to review our product Finito and giving it a top 5-star rating. Your feedback is very much appreciated. The original Finito formula was aimed specifically at institutional cleaning (glass, mirrors, furniture etc). As such, it was just an 'add-on' product for our automotive customers. We constantly review and improve our offering and, around 4 years ago, we took the decision to repurpose and reformulate Finito as a detailing polish. This meant that the old 'traditional' smell didn't fit the new image that Finito projected. Since the reformulation, sales of Finito have grown steadily and we now export it to several European resellers. I appreciate that the new fragrance isn't exactly to your liking, but several customers have remarked that the smell is very fresh and clean. Once again Rob, many thanks for your feedback. ps I'm not sure if you have used our fast detailer Panache. This is a sprayable formula that can be used for fingerprint removal from body panels, door shuts and vehicle interiors. It has a really pleasant 'new car' fragrance. If you would like a sample of Panache, please contact me either by telephone, email ( or via our contact form (