Plastic Remedy® 515ml | Static Home Restorer | Pro-Grade Optical Restorer for Faded and Weathered Caravan Plastics

Plastic Remedy® 515ml | Static Home Restorer | Pro-Grade Optical Restorer for Faded and Weathered Caravan Plastics

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Faded plastic planking on your static caravan not only looks bad, it reduces its resale value. Replacing faded planking on a static home could cost in excess of £4,000. A 515ml flask of Plastic Remedy can restore two sides (1 long, 1 short) of a 44ft static caravan for a tiny fraction of the replacement cost. See it working for real in the video below.

Plastic Remedy is a unique optical restorer for weather-faded plastic trims and components. Unlike conventional 'colour restorer' products, Plastic Remedy simply rebuilds the optical character of the surface, taking it back to 'as good as new' (or as close as it is possible to get with a weathered surface). 

Plastic Remedy is simple to use and a little goes a long way. Apply sparingly with a clean sponge or cloth, working into the surface to ensure complete coverage. The treatment cures in approximately 12 hours to a 100% waterproof finish. 

Plastic Remedy is not a permanent restoration and treated surfaces will continue to weather as the original plastic did. 

Plastic Remedy is also available in a smaller 110ml size, ideal for restoring faded vehicle trims, plastic bumpers and many other applications. 

To maintain the restored finish, we recommend Klenz7, a high performance pH-neutral shampoo that has been extensively tested on surfaces treated with Plastic Remedy. Do NOT use alkaline products such as hard surface cleaners or traffic film removers, as these will severely damage the restored finish.

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  • REACH Safety Data Sheet Download

    To download the REACH Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), click or tap the PDF image 


  • Product Video

    The video below shows Plastic Remedy being used on a 40ft Willerby static home with faded green plastic planking. At the start of the video, look out for the rectangle of unfaded original green where the gas bottle cover has protected the plastic.

    This second video shows Plastic Remedy being used to restore the faded plastic storm shutters on a holiday home

Product reviews

5 reviews

D. Davies, Wolverhampton

Does what it says on the tin. Easy to use great results.

Jean, Staffordshire

I found the product really good did what it said it would do.

Willie S

My neighbour used this to do her static. The results were amazing so I've bought it too. There was a valeter on the site and he was very interested too.

Andrew Andreou

I recently purchased the static caravan restorer. It's amazing thank you.

Bill S

I bought this product because a neighbour of mine bought some for his caravan and the results were good. I used it on my Honda Quad bike and on the faded downpipes on my bungalow that were originally black but had faded to grey. The results are amazing. I am so impressed. Went on so easily and the finish is unbelievable. I would recommend Plastic Remedy to anyone.