Spill Hound® Recycling Centre | The Essential Equipment to Achieve Maximum Economy with Spill Hound®

Spill Hound® Recycling Centre | The Essential Equipment to Achieve Maximum Economy with Spill Hound®

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The Spill Hound Recycling Centre is the key to major cost savings when dealing with oil spillages.

It is a mobile unit that can quickly and easily be moved to the location of any spill. With traditional absorbents all the product applied to the spill becomes in effect hazardous waste.

With Spill Hound absorbent the optimum amount of product is used to absorb the spill no matter how much is applied. There is no need to worry about waste product because there won't be any! Spill Hound consists of natural plant material chemically modified to attract the oil which is then absorbed into the molecular structure of the plant fibre. Once absorbed the oil is literally locked in. It cannot migrate even in the presence of water or under mechanical pressure. The spill is concentrated into solid lumps of material.

All the Spill Hound absorbent that has been used is returned to the Recycling Centre. A plastic sieve in the top of the unit separates those concentrated lumps from the mass of product that has not been used to absorb the oil. The product that has not been used (and that's most of it) passes through the sieve ready for use on the next spill.

This recycling process means that Spill Hound absorbent can be re-used up to twenty times compared with the single use available from other forms of absorbent. This results in a dramatic reduction in the amount of hazardous waste produced.

An experiment to compare the performance of Spill Hound with cat litter established that 1540 grams of cat litter was needed to remove 100 grams of oil. The same amount of oil was removed using just 46 grams of Spill Hound absorbent. That's 33 times less absorbent used, 33 times less hazardous waste produced and 33 times less waste disposal cost.

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