Redshift 2.5 Litres | pH-neutral wheel cleaner and fallout remover | NO NASTY SMELLS!

Redshift 2.5 Litres | pH-neutral wheel cleaner and fallout remover | NO NASTY SMELLS!

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Wheel cleaning without the stench! Unlike other 'bleeding' wheel cleaners, the unique RedShift formula is odour-blocked so that you don't have to hold your breath while you are using it.

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The thio chemistry used in Redshift has a unique ability to convert insoluble metal deposits into water soluble complexes. The Redshift thio material forms a bright red complex with iron in brake dust making it easy to see the progress of the wheel cleaning process. The pH-neutral formulation can be used with confidence on all alloy and steel wheels as well as paintwork and brightwork. Redshift can also be used to remove the industrial fallout often found on vehicles that have been stored near railway tracks.

Redshift is ready to use. Simply spray on to the surface and allow 2 - 3 minutes for activation. The brake dust and grime deposits will turn deep red as they are dissolved. For stubborn deposits, agitate with a brush or sponge before rinsing with clean water.

The award-winning odour control technology used in Redshift results in high performance cleaning without the unpleasant odours usually associated with this type of product.

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Ben Hulme

Bought some Red Shift wheel cleaner and it is by far the best wheel cleaning product I’ve ever used, wet the wheels first with hose and sprayed the product onto the alloys. I then watched the wheels turn red as the product reacted with all the brake dust, gave it a quick scrub with wheel brush and then jet washed off to leave a squeaky clean finish, so much easier than normal wheel cleaning. I will not use anything else in future to clean my wheels, there is simply nothing better in my opinion. 5*