Blue Glass 5 Litres | Super-Fast Glass Cleaner | Superb Fragrance

Blue Glass 5 Litres | Super-Fast Glass Cleaner | Superb Fragrance

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Blue Glass is a spray glass cleaner ideal for removing tough dirt deposits from exterior glass as well as the hazy film usually found on interior glass surfaces.

Highly effective against nicotine deposits Blue Glass cleaner contains a pleasant perfume which leaves a fresh residual aroma inside vehicles. Blue Glass will not mark rubber or vinyl surfaces.

Blue Glass cleaner is easy to use. Apply via a spray bottle with the spray nozzle adjusted to deliver a light mist. Apply sparingly. A light mist is enough to tackle heavily soiled glass. Allow a few moments to dwell before wiping off with a clean lint free cloth non-woven fabric paper or microfibre cloth for a sparkling smear-free finish. 

Tip:  Always spray Blue Glass cleaner directly onto the glass. If wiped on with a cloth it will be less easy and will take longer to achieve the desired result.

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