DUO 5 Litres | Professional Grade Wash and Wax | With Coconut Oil and Sheeting Action

DUO 5 Litres | Professional Grade Wash and Wax | With Coconut Oil and Sheeting Action

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Duo is a powerful high-foaming wash and wax containing coconut oil which will clean the most stubborn traffic film and grime from vehicle exteriors whilst depositing a self-repairing, protective shiny wax coating. A unique combination of efficient foaming cleansers with an advanced nano-sheeting wax system and a superb fresh fragrance results in a fast and pleasurable washing experience.

Duo applies a wax coating to those vehicle areas that are inaccessible by hand. Traditional wash and car wax products leave beads of water on the vehicle surface after rinsing. If not wiped dry with a chamois or other suitable wiper this can result in unsightly watermarks spoiling the appearance of the vehicle.

The unique formulation of Duo results in the rinse water disappearing from the surface of the vehicle in a wave or sheet-like effect leaving the vehicle not only clean but virtually dry eliminating the need for time-consuming drying.

Tip: When washing a car with a bucket and sponge use two buckets one for your solution of Duo the other for clean water. When you have finished applying the solution of Duo to an area rinse your sponge in the clean water to avoid any particles of dirt revisiting the surface of the car and causing scratches.

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