Ultra Suds 25 Litres| Professional Vehicle Shampoo With Sheen Effect

Ultra Suds 25 Litres| Professional Vehicle Shampoo With Sheen Effect

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Ultra Suds is a concentrated high foam car shampoo which is highly effective in removing road grime, whether used manually or with automatic or flow-thru brush wash systems. Ultra Suds contains ingredients which lubricate bristles keeping them flexible and less prone to cracking and fraying.

The Ultra Suds formula carries a fantastic fruity fragrance and its pH neutral formula will not strip protective polish or ceramic coatings. Ultra Suds enhances any existing finish by depositing a subtle sheen effect.

When used in a commercial setting, Ultra Suds maximises the working life of the wash-system brushes which are costly items to replace. Its pH neutral formulation is ideal for use with water recycling systems as it contains no waxes or bulking agents which may cause filters to become blocked.

Tip: When washing a car with bucket and sponge, use two buckets, one for your solution of car shampoo and the other for clean water. When you have finished applying shampoo to a particular area rinse your sponge in the clean water to avoid any particles of dirt revisiting the surface of the car and causing scratches.

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