FABRICARE 5 Litres | Softens Fabrics | Enhances Colours

FABRICARE 5 Litres | Softens Fabrics | Enhances Colours

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Fabricare is not just a carpet and upholstery cleaner. Its built-in fabric softeners and conditioners and colour enhancing fluorescers help maintain the colour and texture of your carpets and upholstery whilst its unique anti soil-redeposition agents give you real deep-cleaning power with minimal effort.

The hard surfaces inside your vehicle can also be cleaned with confidence and Fabricare's neutral formulation makes it an ideal leather cleaner. Fabricare can be applied manually or if you use a spray-extraction cleaning machine the low-foam formula and high dilution capability make it the ideal product to use on even the toughest jobs. A fragrant peach perfume leaves a pleasant residual aroma.

Tip : Clean and de-odourise the filter of your vacuum cleaner with Fabricare. Simply remove the filter and immerse in a weak solution of Fabricare for a couple of hours. Then leave the filter to dry before refitting. Simple!

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